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Flat Iron Labrador Purchase Agreement

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If you make a deposit on a Flat Iron Labrador puppy you acknowledge that you have read and understand the conditions of the purchase agreement which we will sign together before you take your puppy home. At any time Flat Iron has the right to refuse selling a puppy to any family that we don't feel will make a good match. If there is a deposit payment we have the right to return the deposit to you.








AKC Registration Number:__________________________LIMITED REGISTRATION


New Owner Name:_______________________________________________________




Phone Number:_________________


Purchaser's signature:___________________________


Seller's signature:______________________________ Sale Date:_________________


Purchase Price:__________Deposit:_______Ownership Date:_____________________

Section 1

All puppies sold on AKC Limited Registration means the male or female MUST be neutered or spayed between 12 months to 24 months and NEVER BE BRED. If you do breed the puppy you get from me you will owe me my price for each puppy that is born.  Spaying/neutering should be done no earlier than 12 months (preferably 18 months for males) in order to allow the puppy to develop proper bone and produce enough hormones to develop into the adult dog of the desired Labrador standard. Purchaser further agrees to responsibly supervise puppy during the months prior to spay/neuter to prevent unwanted offspring. Failure to do this voids the health warranty, section 2.


The dog must have “Flat Iron” as part of its registered American Kennel club registered name in order for this guarantee to be valid.


This guarantee is not transferable. To make a claim against this guarantee, the original owner who bought the dog must still own the dog.

Deposits are non-refundable. Flat Iron reserves the right to first & second pick out of any litter. 


We recommend that you have some type of fencing or invisible/underground fencing in place to keep your puppy safe throughout its life. Do not tie your puppy/dog on a chain.  The buyer agrees to maintain this dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to, inoculation, internal/external parasites, and preventative medication. Also feed your new pet a good quality puppy/dog food and have fresh water available and adequate shelter. If any of the above preventative care has not been provided, or the breeder feels the puppy has been the victim of abuse or neglect, the health warranty will be void.

Puppies go through many adjustments their first year of life. They adjust to new homes, are growing rapidly, and are getting vaccines.  Nuvet is an antioxidant supplement that will help your puppies increase immune function; therefore, immune response to the vaccines improve.  I strongly encourage you to keep your puppy on NuVet vitamins for one year.


The original sale contract is completed when a buyer received a puppy in exchange for the agreed amount of payment. The buyer is responsible for all costs and care for the puppy including, but not limited to veterinary care, registration fees, food, boarding.  Breeder will pursue collection if original payment becomes insufficient to satisfy payment.


If for any reason that you cannot keep your puppy/dog for any reason, at any age, including but not limited to financial reasons or living arrangement or you just cannot have a dog anymore, buyer agrees that their puppy/dog will be returned to Flat Iron Labs and Buyer agrees that the puppy/dog will not be sold or given away be Buyer unless approved by Flat Iron Labs in writing. There is no reason for any of our puppies/dogs to ever end up in a shelter or humane society. In accordance with this there will be no replacement puppy/dog or money returned to original buyer.


Buyer will have the puppy examined by his/her vet within THREE (3) days to evaluate general health after taking possession of the puppy. This vet-check is the financial responsibility of the new owner. If the puppy determined to be seriously ill from a result of a hereditary conditions (not parasites) the new owner must notify us immediately, provide veterinary findings in writing, and return the puppy at the buyers expense within TWO (2) days for either a replacement puppy (which may take up to one year) or full refund (at our option).

Section 2

Your new puppy is guaranteed until it reaches 12 months of age against severe crippling hip dysplasia. This hip guarantee is for severe hip dysplasia so extreme that it prevents the dog from being a functional family companion and that surgery or euthanasia is required. If severe crippling hip dysplasia is diagnosed a replacement puppy (which may take up to a year) or full purchase price of the dog will be fully refunded (at breeders option) will be provided as long as the following conditions below in this contract. The owners must notify Flat Iron Labs. All x-rays must be submitted to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for evaluation. Proof of severe genetic dysplasia from the OFA as well as proof of the animal being spayed/neutered must be presented to Flat Iron Labs. The dog must have never sired/whelped a litter or the guarantee is void. The replacement puppy is contingent on the owners providing a written statement from their veterinarian that the dog is not and has never been overweight for its bone structure and that no evidence exists that the puppy was overstressed or over exercised during this important developmental period of its life. The veterinarian must indicate there have been no signs of abuse, neglect, or past injuries that could be the cause of such dysplasia. If the breeder feels the puppy has been the victim of an accident, abuse, or neglect the health warranty will be void. All veterinarian expenses are the owners responsibility.


Buyer accepts responsibility to not jog with puppy on hard surfaces or allow puppy to jump form heights (ex: car/pickup) before 12 months of age. Dysplasia can be the result of poor nutrition, improper exercise, injury from jumping, or rough playing. No warranty will apply for this condition.  Any dispute will be settled in Venango County, Franklin, Pa.

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