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Bella x Hogan Litter
 Four Days Old
Three Weeks Old
Females: Six weeks old
Males: Six Weeks Old
Bella x Cash Litter
Puppies at 3 weeks old
Lime Collar - 6 weeks
Green Collar - 8 weeks
Tan Collar-8 weeks
No Collar - 8 weeks
Male - 5 weeks
White Collar (Lexi) - 8 weeks
 Brown collar - 8 weeks
Laurkim's Ring of Fire (Cash)

Stud dog - "Cash"

DOB:  9/22/12

OFA Hips:  Good

OFA Elbows:  Normal

EIC: Clear 

HNPK:  Normal-carrier

PRA:  Clear 

D-Locus:  Normal DILUTE FREE

OFA Eye Exam:  Normal

Heart Cardiologist-Cardiac Echo Doppler:  Normal

          Testing by Pawprints

Laurkim's Icing on the Cake  "Wilton"
DOB:  1/15/11

Bella x Wilton Litter

All puppies have left for their forever families. We will let you know when we are planning our next litter.  Thank you.
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