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 6 weeks 
Hope was born on 6/23/16.
3 Months
Hope 1 year

Hope 1yr 7mo


OFA Finals Hips:  Excellent 
OFA Finals Elbows: Normal
PRA:  Clear
MCD: Clear
EIC:  Clear
HNPK: Clear
CNM:  Clear
Coat Color:  Normal (Dilute free)
Coat Length: Normal 
OFA eye: Normal (4/28/18)
OFA eye: Normal (4/27/19)
OFA Auscultation (Cardiac): Normal
Copper Toxicosis
Copper Toxicosis Interpretation

Hope and Elise (retired) have been tested by DDC Veterinary, Vetgen, and PawPrint Genetics.  
Click here to view pedigree (This is for both girls)
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