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Valerie - thank you SO much for the holiday card! We can't seem to take it down despite the holidays being over so it looks like it's a permanent on our fridge for now I wanted to send you some pictures of Reuben since he hit his 6 month mark but it's taking me a little longer to get around to it - better late than never though, right!? He's such a good dog and growing SO fast (55 lbs right now!) We haven't had ANY problems with him. We have even been leaving him to roam freely around the house for the last couple months while we are gone and he's done super! We even came home one day to a snack on the floor that must have fallen from the top of the fridge - Reuben was out but when we came home we found it untouched and unopened. Seriously!! We can't thank you enough for him. Our hearts are so full and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. We take him EVERYWHERE with us. He loves people. He's so good around crowds, too - normally just falling asleep by our feet when we take him to get-togethers or anything. Everyone loves him, too - of course! Some of our friends have even asked about your next litter!!


My Maeve is so smart, extremely athletic, and has the most calm temperament I have had in an English Lab in a long time.  The perfect dog for sure!

Sophie at 9 weeks

Sophie at 21 months

I have a puppy from Bella and Cash's litter born February 5, 2017, Sophie.  She is my first dog and she is such an amazing, well mannered, sweet and smart puppy.  I can't imagine how I ever lived without a dog before her.  I would highly recommend Flat Iron to anyone interested in this great breed.  Owner, Valerie, is wonderful and really cares about her pups.  



The absolute best in Pennsylvania is Flat Iron Labradors located in Oil City, PA. We got our current puppy from them in May. They are meticulous and thorough in every way beginning with the way they care for their dogs, health screenings and vet visits, precautionary measures in every aspect, absolute cleanliness of puppies and their pens. They expose puppies to various sights, sounds and textures which promotes early sensory and character development. Exceptional communication pre and post puppy.  They stay in touch with us and we call them whenever we feel we need input. We drove there and saw the dogs and surroundings first hand. Bottom line is they care so much and have very high ethics. It is more than just a business to them. 
     -Linda and Frank

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